Organization and holding of exhibitions is a complex of compound services that should give a valuable business-result. A creative agency "Boutique of Ideas" deals with organization and holding of "turnkey" conferences.

The organization of exhibitions and conferences starts with an idea. The idea, that we develop, supports your corporate image, corresponds with the spirit of your company, reflects your values and promotes your goods and services.

We offer you the most advanced and effective ideas. For example, we created a unique stand for "Uponor" that was acknowledged as the best at the "SHK Moscow" exhibition!

After the approval of the idea our professional architects and designers take over the organization of exhibitions and conferences. We create the project of a stand, create a 3-D model, prepare necessary documentation, work on every detail. We implemented a number of bold ideas with our own hands. You can be sure that “Boutique of Ideas” will offer you several options of a concept of an exhibition stand.

We possess all the necessary facilities to free you from problems with construction:
  • Fill the stands with stylized furniture and technical innovation.
  • Place the samples of your production in an optimal way.
  • Invent and create any printings with the information about your services.
  • Select necessary staff and hold trainings about working with a stand and the quality of service.

To attract additional attention we can offer you different scenarios of mini-events, numerous animation programs and lotteries that would support the general theme.

Organization of international exhibitions and fairs requires a special approach. We pay a lot of attention to the atmosphere of the exhibition stand that has a positive influence on negotiations with clients and partners.

Only we can organize a restaurant at your stand that would serve its visitors. Our chefs cook Italian, Asian, American, French, Russian cuisine. Using of professional equipment gives us an opportunity to organize a kitchen area even in three squared meters!

Creative agency "Boutique of Ideas" is a special, attentive approach to the aim and tasks of your company whether it is the organization of an international conference or regional business events.

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