Rope town in Ruza

Rope town in Ruza

Teambuilding is up to the mark again! It revives in summer, taking new forms and opening new opportunities for us. The period of familiarity with this foreign concept is in the past. Most of us have taken part in team games not once, starting with classic rope courses and rope towns. Indeed, they can hardly surprise anybody.

They are all constructed basing on a general principal: a member of a team (maximum 2 members) gets over difficult high-altitude obstacles. At the same time the rest of the members stand on the ground and motivate their colleague which is the main idea of team-building. That’s not interesting anymore!

Looking for exclusive and effective novelties we discovered a unique rope-town in Ruza which is a continuation of popular and successful alpinist ascents and pathfinders expeditions.

TEAMBUILDING OF A NEW GENERATION! The employees of IDS Scheer have already passed this training!

The difference from common rope-courses

The main difference of the rope-town is the absence if single tasks. All the obstacles must be passes in a team (7-8 members).

Carrying capacity if the town: 10-12 groups at a time. One of the priorities is safety. There are safety cables at each two elements that reduce the number of clasps between them so as result there is a less risk to stay without safety cable.

The unique rope-town is:
  • Complicated cliff with imitations of overhangs;
  • Jacob‘s stairs – you need to climb the logs at a height of 10 meters, acting in a team of 3 people;
  • Flying Fox – high-speed slope from a higher level of the complex;
  • Three levels of Rubicone – levels of difficulty.
Levels of difficulty
  1. Ground level. Before getting up, the members learn to work in team, training all the tasks on the ground.
  2. Middle level (5 meters). The teams climb up and pass the tasks, helping each other and holding on each other.
  3. High-altitude level. Starting with simple and low elements the rope-town shifts the tasks at height, offering the participants to overstep the susal conditions and start working together in the air.

The rope is situated 96 km from Moscow, town Ruza, Moscow region.

Optimal solution of your business tasks

Such an organization of team building in Ruza will help you to reach the aims of your company:
  • Integration of new employees.
  • Unity of people in a department and between them.
  • Solving a problem of professional burnout of employees.
  • Stress and time-management.
  • Determining the perception of a team by employees and their place in it.
  • Reveal motivating and demotivating factors in a company.

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