New Year 2013

Corporate New Year 2013

New Year «Circus & U*»
Circus & U*
New Year «Морозко»
New Year «Sweet 60's»
Sweet 60's
New Year «Star Party»
Trade Finance Bank
Star Party
New Year «Monte-Carlo»
New Year «Stiliagi»
Novo Nordisk
New Year «New Year Feast»
UAB “Shag”
New Year Feast
New Year «Summer all Year»
Multiregional TransitTelecom
Summer all Year
New Year «New Year's party»
System of Mass-media
New Year's party
New Year «Snow Show»
Snow Show
New Year «Constellation MTT»
Multiregional TransitTelecom
Constellation MTT
New Year «New Year in Heaven»
Renaissance Credit
New Year in Heaven
New Year «At aunt‘s Zina»
Trinity Logic
At aunt‘s Zina

Organization of Corporate New Year is an exclusive corporate tool. In this connection, companies set the following major tasks in anticipation of the holiday:
  • Increased employees’ loyalty, rewarding;
  • End-of-year review and setting goals to achieve next year;
  • Improved connection between departments;
  • Organization of a great holiday for all the employees.

Organization of Corporate New Year helps to achieve all of this, if you take a reasonable approach to the process and consider all the details, nuances and potential pitfalls: from choosing a place and welcomers to the scenario itself.

As well as corporate event dedicated to Men’s Day and Women’s Day, New Year's party should never resemble a binge.

No wonder many managers create a festive atmosphere as it strengthens team spirit, makes the team stronger, creates a positive psychological climate and encourages people to work more efficiently.

Organization of New Year corporate events is often carried out by the HR manager or the secretary, for whom the corporate event should also be a surprise. The most appropriate solution would be to apply to a professional event agency, which can help you create a festive atmosphere.

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