Women Day/ Men Day

Women's Day/ Men's Day

Women’s Day is one of the most romantic holidays and a very good reason for men to show how much they love their lovely ladies. On 23 February we generally congratulate all the men whose job is somehow connected with defense of motherland and military organizations. Recently, however, the holiday is becoming more democratic and it is now celebrated as Men's Day, glorifying men's strength and beauty.

A team of women can think up and develop the concept of celebration and gifts for all the men without assistance. Still, it might be better if the organization of corporate events on Men’s Day was professional and brought lots of joy to the men. In this case the best option is to contact the creative agency, which would do its best, focusing exclusively on the characteristics of the team.

Combining two dates we get a real corporate event dedicated to both Men’s Day and Women’s Day with mutual congratulations, spring mood and overall happiness. Such event gives men the opportunity to express sympathy for their female colleagues while ladies can admire the strength and support of the male half of the company.

We would also like to attract your attention to "Boutique of Ideas" organization of Corporate New Year.

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