Corporate Event

Corporate Events

Corporate Events «5 лет в России»
Союз машиностроителей Германии
5 лет в России
Corporate Events «Circus & U*»
Circus & U*
Corporate Events «New Year's party»
System of Mass-media
New Year's party
Corporate Events «Gangster Party»
Gangster Party
Corporate Events «Secrets of Sun World»
Pragmatic Express
Secrets of Sun World
Corporate Events «Star Party»
Trade Finance Bank
Star Party
Corporate Events «Snow Show»
Snow Show
Corporate Events «Summer all Year»
Multiregional TransitTelecom
Summer all Year
Corporate Events «Stiliagi»
Novo Nordisk
Corporate Events «Stiliagi Play The Field»
Stiliagi Play The Field
Corporate Events «New Year Feast»
UAB “Shag”
New Year Feast
Corporate Events «At aunt‘s Zina»
Trinity Logic
At aunt‘s Zina
Corporate Events «New Year in Heaven»
Renaissance Credit
New Year in Heaven
Corporate Events «Pirate Party»
Vaillant Group
Pirate Party
Corporate Events «Constellation MTT»
Multiregional TransitTelecom
Constellation MTT
Corporate Events «Ice Age»
Ice Age
Corporate Events «Monte-Carlo»
Corporate Events «Alice in Wonderland»
Alice in Wonderland
Corporate Events «Giving Day»
Giving Day
Corporate Events «Stars Factory»
Stars Factory

A good company, whether it is a large corporation or a small firm, always strives to build a strong team. Specifically for this purpose the CEO organizes corporate events in Moscow, as this city provides plenty of opportunities to organize a truly unique and amazing celebration for the employees.

There are two approaches to creating such type of corporate event. You can apply to an agency specializing in corporate event management. We have been specializing in it for over 10 years. It is also possible to do everything by yourself, but then it will take a lot of time and efforts.

Moscow can offer many places for organization of corporate events. We can use any of them: a restaurant, a night club or a stadium. Everything depends on the amount of resources that the company is ready to put into organization of the corporate event.

Anyway, it is impossible to think over all the details of the event without a professional master of ceremonies. Everyone wants a concert or a corporate event to be a pleasant surprise for the employees, so we recommend meeting with a master of ceremonies to discuss all the nuances and details beforehand. Without an entertainment program with a professional, who can amuse and cheer people up, create the atmosphere of togetherness or just organize a heart-to-heart talk, corporate events and parties are simply impossible.

Applying to the creative agency "Boutique of Ideas", a specialist in the field of organizing corporate parties and celebrations, you will get a really memorable event, which keep you in high spirits for a long time afterwards.

Corporate event management is our profession. In addition to your company’s annual events such as Corporate New Year, Company Day, Women's Day and Men's Day, we are always ready to organize special creative occasions based on some unusual facts of your company’s day-to-day activity. This type of event is appealing because of its uniqueness, creativity and innovative ideas.

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